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Benjamin Bigl, Sebastian Stoppe (Hg.)

Playing with Virtuality

Theories and Methods of Computer Game Studies

Computer games have fascinated millions of users for more than 30 years.

Today, they constitute the strongest sector in the media-entertainment industry and are part of the experience of digital daily life. Computer Game Studies require a deep understanding of functional and communicational mechanisms of games that support the player‘s immersion in virtual worlds. Unfortunately, the discussion and the academic research about usage and effects of computer games mostly takes place isolated within different scientific contexts with various theoretical and methodological approaches.

Therefore, this anthology combines the perspectives of Media Studies, Game Studies, and Communication Studies, and presents their findings in an interdisciplinary approach.

Benjamin Bigl is a research assistant at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig.

Sebastian Stoppe is a research associate at the Research Academy of the University of Leipzig.

Matthew Barr, Juan F. Belmonte, Rafael Biena, Benjamin Bigl, HĂ©ctor del Castillo, Mirian Checa, Michael Filsecker, Jasper A. Friedrich, Ana BelĂ©n GarcĂ­a Varela, David Gause, Volker Gehrau, David Herrero, Stefan Höltgen, Michael Kerres, Florian Kiefer, Sebastian Koch, Felix Kronenberg, Pascaline Lorentz, RaphaĂ«l Marczak, Janina Maric, Natalia Monjelat, Danny Pannicke, LetĂ­cia Perani, Antonio JosĂ© Planells de la Maza, Gabriela T. Richard, Thomas-Gabriel RĂŒdiger, Gareth Schott, Arne Schröder, Sebastian Stoppe, Matthias Stork, Anne Mette Thorhauge, Jasper van Vught, Claus Wohlgemuth, RĂŒdiger Zarnekow.
  • Verlag Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt
  • Jahr 2013
  • ISBN 9783631640609 (Print), 9783653027648 (E-Book)